Objective:This study contributed to overcoming the disadvantages of hydrophobicity of CBD broad-spectrum oil and poor stability caused by oil coalescence.Methods: CBD broad-spectrum oil was dissolved in five kinds of solvents, and two kinds of solvents with better solubility were obtained by the appearance of the solution. The solubility of broad-spectrum oil in two solvents was determined by UV spectrophotometry at 313~363 K, and the solvent with the highest solubility was obtained. In this solvent, the solubility of CBD broad-spectrum oil was determined at 313~353 K to correlate the Apelblat model. The number of oil drops of CBD broad-spectrum oil with different concentrations and tween dispersant with different volume fractions were observed.Results: The two solvents with good solubility were caprylic capric triglyceride (CCT) and 1,2-propanediol. At the same temperature, the solvent with the highest solubility was CCT. Under CBD-CCT, the correlation coefficient (R2) of Apelblat model is more than 0.98, the relative deviation (RD) is less than 2.78%, and the root mean square error (RSMD) is 4.1×10-3. The relationship between molar solubility and temperature is in accordance with Apelblat model. When the mass concentration of CBD-CCT was 170 mg/mL, with and Tween 80 dispersant with 10% volume fraction added, the highest anti coalescence and stability of the system was found.Conclusion: CBD-CCT can be in a stable state and has positive significance in the preparation and storage of CBD food and health products.

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