Objective:Exploring the microwave drying characteristics of pork and optimizing the microwave drying process of meat.Methods: microwave drying equipment with microwave frequency of 2 450 MHz and microwave output power of 70, 140, 210, 280, 350, 420 W were used for microwave drying of pork with dry mass of 20, 25, 30 g in this paper; Five classical thin-layer drying models were selected for non-linear fitting of drying data,R2(coefficient of determination) and RMSE (root mean square error) were used as evaluation indexes to screen the best drying model.Results:The Logarithmic model was the best model for microwave drying of pork. The average energy consumption per unit of pork microwave drying was 10.89 MJ/kg, and the microwave drying efficiency was 20.72%.Conclusion:The best model for microwave drying of pork is the Logarithmic model, pork mass of 25 g, microwave power of 210 W, can significantly reduce the average unit microwave energy consumption, and improve the efficiency of microwave drying.

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