Objective:In order to solve the problems of high failure rate of cigarette package steering mechanism of YB25 soft box packaging machine and easy to cause cigarette package damage, etc.Methods:Through the analysis of the wear of the parts of the cigarette package steering mechanism, the design defects of the mechanism were found. The three-point symmetric eccentric planetary gear train with more stable performance is designed, and the special clutch was improved to ensure its overload protection.Results:After the improvement, the failure rate of steering mechanism was reduced, with the single maintenance time 54 minutes reducing, the equipment noise 46 dB reducing, and the related quality defect cigarette packs 275 packs reducing within half a year, and the lower potential quality hazards.Conclusion:The improved cigarette packet steering mechanism achieves high-efficiency operation, effectively solves the problem of high failure rate of YB25 soft box cigarette packet steering mechanism.

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