Objective:To solve the problems of consuming time and destroying samples in the process of detecting the sealing degree of cigarette packaging.Methods:A nondestructive testing method for sealing degree of cigarette cartridge was proposed based on non-contact deformation measurement technology and dynamic pressure difference. The cigarette package was placed in a sealed negative pressure environment, and the relationship between the maximum out-of-plane displacement and the cigarette cartridge leakage diameter was studied by quantitative analysis of the leakage aperture of the cigarette cartridge during volume expansion.Results:When the diameter of the leakage hole was0.2~0.8 mm, the deviation between the diameter of the leakage hole and the maximum out-of-plane displacement of the cigarette pack, and the deviation between the diameter of the leakage hole and the maximum out-of-plane displacement of the cigarette pack showed a trend of gradually decreasing. The difference could be clearly distinguished according to the diameter of the leakage hole. At 0.4~0.8 mm, the diameter of the leakage hole can be quickly obtained according to the deformation after 3~7 s of detection, and the correlation coefficient between the maximum out-of-plane displacement and the diameter of the leakage hole is more than 0.9, showing a strong correlation. The accuracy of the method is88.1%.Conclusion:The new cigarette packaging seal degree of nondestructive testing method is verified to be effective for real-time measurement in the production of cigarette carton industrial packaging.

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