Objective:To study quality difference of different maize varieties based on amino acid content.Methods:16 Xinyumaize series varieties were used to be tested materials, amino acid content of corn kernel were measuredand used to be evaluation index and applied to principal component analysis and clustering analysis.Results:The affected order of maize varieties on 16 amino acid content was Met>His>Tyr>Pro>Thr>Leu>Glu>Ser>Phe>Val>Asp>Ala>Ile>Gly>Arg. 2 principal components were extracted by principal component analysis, its accumulative variance contribution rate reach to 90.227%, Ala, Ser, Glu, Leu, Asp, Phe and Met can be used to comprehensive assessment index of 16 maize varieties. Based on amino acid content, 16 maize varieties were divided into three groups by clustering.Conclusion:Comprehensive quality of both varieties Xinyu54 and Xinyu65 were better, those of Xinyu87 and Xinyu13 were relatively poor.

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