Objective:This study aimed to provide strategy for controlling the fungal diseases of postharvest blueberry in Sichuan province.Methods:The pathogenic bacteria from 14 planting bases in Sichuan Province were isolate, identified, pathogenicity determination. Moreover, the effects of temperature and light on mycelia growth of the dominant and subdominant strains of blueberry after harvest were studied, and the effective natural antibacterial components against them were screened.Results:The blueberry postharvest rot diseases were caused by the following nine kinds of fungi:Aspergillus niger,Aspergillus tubingensis,Neofusicoccum parvum,Neopestalotiopsissp.,Fusarium graminearum,Alternaria alternata,Mucor fragilis,Penicilliumsp.,Cladosporium xylophilum.Aspergillus niger was the dominant species with the highest isolation frequency and the most pathogenic, andNeopestalotiopsissp.,Alternaria alternata,Penicilliumsp.,Cladosporium xylophilum were the subdominant species with isolation frequencies greater than 10%. The optimum growth temperature ranged from 20 ℃to 35 ℃of dominant and subdominant strains of blueberry postharvest. The effects of light on the mycelia growth ofA. niger,Neopestalotiopsissp., A. alternata,and C. xylophilum were significant,but that was insignificant on the growth ofPenicilliumsp.strains. Thymol showed good broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, the EC50 values of dominant and subdominant strains of blueberry postharvest was 30~50 mg/L, while the thymol applied directly to blueberry postharvest fungal control in aqueous solution should not be higher than 50 mg/L.Conclusion:Thymol is more effective on postharvest diseases of blueberry in Sichuan province.

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