Objective:The research is to explore the enzyme inhibition of Perilla crude extract, and to preliminarily elucidate the pharmacological substance basis of them on hyperglycemia, hyperuric acid and hyperlipidemia.Methods:The content of flavonoids and phenolic acid in UV extract was determined and showed the active components associated with enzyme inhibition. In vitro experiments, the inhibition of Perilla extracts on different enzyme activity was determined and the inhibitory activity was evaluated by IC50. Molecular docking was used to predict the targets of Perilla crude extract on pancreatic lipase and amylase inhibition.Results:Flavone content in the crude UV extract was 0.309 8 mg/mg, and the total phenolic acid content was 58.59 mg/g. The IC50 values of Perilla crude extractd for α-amylase, xanthine oxidase, pancreatic lipase and acetylcholinesterase were 0.273, 0.244, 0.347 and 0.018 mg/mL, respectively.Apigenin-5-O-β-D-glucosine, xyrhinin-7-diglucosotide, apigenin-7-glucosine, cannol-3-O-ruassin, rosemary acid, rutin and others were the effective active components of perilla crude extracts.Conclusion:The Perilla crude extracts all have certain inhibitory activities on four enzymes, and presents a dose-effect relationship.

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