Objective:The purpose of this study was to mix rice and proso millets and obtain high nutritional value, fantastic taste and flavor mixed rice.Methods:By adding different proportions of proso millets to rice, the nutritional value and fantastic taste of mixed rice were evaluated via the amino acid score (AAS), texture profile properties, sensory evaluations and flavor properties.Results:There were significant differences in the texture profile properties, sensory evaluations and flavor properties among cooked proso millets additions. The proportion of the cooked rice addition was significantly positively correlated to the gumminess and chewiness of rice, while it was significant negatively related to the sensory evaluations. Furthermore, the addition of the proso millets increased the variety, content of flavor compounds in mixed rice and obviously improved the scores of the sensory evaluations.Conclusion:The integral quality and nutritional value of the mixed rice were the most excellent when the addition of the Yushu 1 proso millet was 10%~20%.

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