Objective: In order to solve the quality problems of YB517 transparent packaging machine, such as folds and unevenness of transparent paper on the sides of cigarette packages, a new cigarette-packaging side seal and shaping device was developed. Methods: After the improvements, the drive shaft of cigarette receiving plate of output turntable of YB517 was used as a power source, and the heating and shaping of cigarette package side seals were achieved by designing reciprocating mechanisms, heater components, cigarette package positioning components, and optimizing push seats; and using Solidworks software to simulate and analyze the displacement, velocity and acceleration of the shaping device. At the same time, it was connected to the temperature measurement and control system of "Heat sealer for Drawstring" so that the temperature parameters can be displayed and adjusted on the IPC control surface. Finally, the method of sampling in the test was used to compare and analyze the wrinkle of boxed transparent paper before and after the transformation. Results: The side seal shaping device had the advantages of no interference, gentle velocity and acceleration curve, no obvious impact and stable operation. The wrinkle ratio of boxed transparent paper decreased from 11.58% to 2.50%, which decreased 78.40%. Conclusion: It ensures product quality and improves consumers satisfaction.

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