Objective: This study aimed to explore the reasonable application of palm oil in the production of fermented dough such as Naan, bread, steamed bread, soda biscuits and frozen flour products. Methods: The effect of palm oil addition on the rheological properties of fermented dough was measured by rotary rheometer, and the microstructure of dough was observed by scanning electron microscope to analyze the mechanism of palm oil addition on dough components. Results: When palm oil of 4%, 6%, 8%, 10% and 12% were added to wheat flour, the fermentation and rheological properties of dough changed significantly. When the content of palm oil was 4%~10%, the fermentation characteristics of dough were improved effectively, and the aging rate of dough was delayed. However, when palm oil was added to 12%, it would dilute the gluten protein, reduce the stability of the gluten network structure, and increase the hardness and viscosity of the fermented dough. The fermentation volume, water holding capacity and viscoelasticity of the dough increased first and then decreased with the increase of palm oil content. Conclusion: Adding proper amount of palm oil can be beneficial to the formation and stability of gluten network structure, and improve the fermentation and rheological properties of dough. The dough fermentation effect is better when the amount of palm oil is 6% to 8%.

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