Objective: This study aimed to provide theoretical support for the processing application of surimi products by comparing the gel characteristics of Chinese herring surimi and the common surimi. Methods: The surimi gels of Chinese herring, silver carp, white croaker and golden-thread fish were prepared, and the difference of gel strength, texture profile analysis (TPA), gelation index, gel deterioration index, water retention, whiteness and microstructure among the four kinds of surimi were investigated. Results: The hardness, chewiness, adhesiveness, gel strength and water retention of Chinese herring surimi were significantly higher than the those of silver carp surimi (P<0.05). The above results were consistent with the microstructure properties of Chinese herring surimi gel which appeared a smooth, dense and porely unifrom surface. Moreover, the whiteness of Chinese herring surimi (71.23±0.09) was significantly higher than that of white croaker surimi (67.81±0.25) and white croaker surimi (67.16±0.55). Conclusion: The Chinese herring surimi has the advantages of both freshwater and seawater surimi in gel strength, whiteness, water retention and microstructure formation.

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