Objective:This study aimed to optimize the compounding ratio of compounded brown rice flour. Methods:The effects of different ratios on the quality of compounded brown rice flour were analyzed by mixing refined white rice and brown rice (10∶0, 8∶2, 6∶4, 4∶6, 2∶8, 0∶10), and the optimal ratios were obtained by using the flushing properties, gelatinization characteristics, rheological properties, thermal properties, and in vitro digestibility as indicators. Results:With the increase of brown rice content, the peak viscosity, valley viscosity and final viscosity of compounded brown rice flour gradually decreased, and the initial gelatinization temperature, peak temperature and end gelatinization temperature all reduced, while the water solubility and solubility of rice flour decreased and the digestibility improved. Conclusion:The best quality of compounded brown rice flour was obtained when the mass ratio of compounded refined white rice and brown rice flour was 2∶8.

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