Objective:This study aimed to improve the reconstituability of kudzu powder.Methods:The kudzu powder-fatty acid complexes were prepared by different drying methods after co-gelatinization of kudzu powder with lauric acid, and investigated the effects of drying methods on the instant properties of the complexes from the changes of crystal structure, microstructure, bulk density, water absorption index and swelling power.Results: The drying method influenced the water absorption capacity of the complexes, there by affected the reconstituability of the complexes. Compared with oven drying and far-infrared drying, the complexes prepared by spray drying and freeze-drying had lower bulk density, more uneven particle surface and more amorphous structures, which made them more absorbent and better reconstituability.Conclusion: The agglomeration rate of the spray-dried and freeze-dried complexes was4.6%~6.0% after directly mixing with hot water at (95±2) ℃, which was 36.3% lower than that of the native kudzu powder, indicating that the kudzu powder-fatty acid complexes have the potential to be developed into hot water ready-to-eat kudzu powder.

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