Objective: Improve the dynamic performance of palletizing robot and reduce energy consumption. Methods: By static and dynamic analysis to determine to use minimal mass, maximizing the first natural frequency, minimizing the maximal stress and minimizing the maximal deformation as the optimization objectives, taking the structure parameters as design variables, the approximation models of objective functions and constraint functions were established by the Box-Behnken and the RSM. Based on the results of finite element analysis, an Analytic hierarchy process based on the results of finite element analysis was proposed. The process (AHP-FEA) was proposed to allocate the weight coefficients, and the comprehensive objective function was taken as the evaluation index. NSGA-II algorithm was used to solve the problem. The optimized model of the waist turntable was obtained based on AHP-FEA method, which was compared with the initial model. Results: The results showed that the mass of the waist turntable was reduced by 9.6% under the condition of ensuring the structural strength, stiffness and vibration stability. Conclusion: Compared with the common average allocation method and empirical weighting method, the comprehensive objective function value of optimization under the weight coefficient of AHP-FEA is the smallest, and its comprehensive optimization effect is better.

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