Objective: Solve the problems of uneven heating, heat loss and high power consumption of traditional tea frying device. Methods: Using carbon based high temperature heating coating material, a surface heating source was formed at the bottom of the glass-ceramic tea frying vessel by spraying. The corresponding tea roasting device, green removing device and conveying device were innovatively designed. Based on STM32, the circuit modules of temperature detection, temperature control and display, stir frying and rubbing tea switching were designed. Results: The maximum power consumption of the whole machine was 3 kW, and the size of the whole machine was 350 mm×150 mm×280 mm. The temperature control range was 20~400 ℃, and the temperature control accuracy was ±1 ℃. The shortcomings of the traditional manual tea making process such as temperature control inaccurate and tea kneading process uncontrollable were solved. Conclusion: The machine combines the two processes of killing green tea and kneading tea, which can realize the independent action switching of "three killing and three kneading" process, and realizes the automation of green tea production process.

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