Objective: The yam powder was applicated and added in xylitol chiffon cake to investigate its effects on the quality of cake. Methods: In the process of preparing xylitol yam chiffon cake,the specific volume, relative density of batter, moisture content, color and texture of cake were taken as the investigation indexes to study the effects of different proportions of yam powder (10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%) on thequality of cake. Results: The specific volume of cake decreased, whereas the relative density and moisture content of batter increased with the increasing amount of yam powder. On the other hand, the hardness, the chewability and the adhesion of cake increased first and then decreased, while the elasticity, the resilience and the cohesion decreased first and then increased. Meanwhile, the color difference measurement results showed that L* value (brightness) and b* (yellow) decreased, a* (red) first increased and then decreased, and △E (total color) difference increased. Conclusion: According to the comprehensive texture properties and sensory evaluation, the optimum dosage of yam powderwas 10%.

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