Objective: In order to develop coconut utilization in wheat dough products, the effects of coconut powder on the thermomechanical rheology properties of wheat flour was studied. Methods: Freeze dried coconut flour and wheat flour were mixed in different proportions, then mixed flour was analyzed by GB/T 37511—2019 of Mixolab mixing instrument. Results: The changes of the properties of gluten and starch in wheat flour were analyzed and discussed respectively. It was found that coconut powder had great effects on the properties of both starch and gluten. As the increase of coconut powder, the water absorption of mixed powder decreased and the dough stability time decreased, and the weakening degree of gluten protein, peak viscosity and retrogradation degree of starch decreased. Conclusion: Coconut powder was not good for gluten formation, but it can improve the stability of the network, and promote the gelatinization and retrogradation inhibition of starch.

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