Objective: This study aimed to select a suitable drying method for preserved yellow peach. Methods: Preserved yellow peach was prepared by hot air drying (HAD), microwave-hot air drying (MHD) and vacuum freeze drying (VFD). Its physical properties, nutritional components, sensory and aroma indexes were studied. Results: Compared with traditional HAD, the efficiency of MHD was increased by 56.1%, and the preserved fruit was significantly better than HAD in color, nutritional composition, sensory evaluation, aroma components and content; The preserved yellow peach fruit by VFD has the best color, the strongest rehydration, the best tissue structure integrity of the product, the highest contents of nutrients vitamin C, and total phenol and titratable acid, and the highest sensory score is 91.58. It has the most aroma components and contents, and uniquely has two aroma components: 2-hexenol and trans-2-hexenal. Conclusion: Compared with HAD, the preserved yellow peach fruit prepared by MHD is better in all aspects, and MHD is more suitable for the production of common preserved yellow peach fruit. The quality of preserved yellow peach fruit prepared by VFD is the best. However, due to the high-energy and -cost consumption, it is recommended to produce high-quality preserved fruit.

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