Objective: The quality characteristics of Yangzhou orchid dry were evaluated scientifically. Methods: Using sensory prole analysis, 14 sensory quality descriptors such as golden, oily, fried fragrance and fragrance were obtained from the initial screening by the M value method. Using correlation analysis and principal component analysis to screen out the core evaluation indexes. The entropy weight method was to assign weight to each index. And the grey correlation degree method was to comprehensively evaluate the quality. Results: The results showed that the strong bite, supple, fragrant and oily were identified as the key sensory descriptors for the product and could accurately describe its sensory quality. There were differences in quality of different orchid drys. Three core evaluation indicators of orchid dry were determined by principal component: chewiness, L* and b*. The weight value of chewiness was the highest by the entropy method. The varieties with better comprehensive quality were Sample1. Conclusion: The food quality evaluation system can reflect food quality more comprehensively by using the method of combining subjective evaluation and objective evaluation.

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