Objective:This study focused on the antioxidant andimmune enhancing effects of L.bar barumpu ree.Methods:Theantioxidant capacity of L.bar barum puree was measured byes-tab lishing an acute liver injury model.The immune activity of L.bar barum protoplasmwas evaluated by measuring the index ofimmune organs, the content of serum hemolysin and the degreeof plantar thickening.Results:Both low and medium doses of L.bar barum puree could significantly increase the content of glut a-thione peroxidase(GSH PX) in serum(P<0.05, P<0.01) andglutathione(GSH) in liver tissue(P<0.05) , and significantlydecrease the content ofprotein carbonyl in liver tissue ofmicewith acute alcoholic liver injury(P<0.05, P<0.01)andthecontent of malondialdehyde(MDA) (P<0.05, P<0.01) , andthis indicate L.bar barum protoplasm hadantioxid antact ivity.After continuous gavage of L.barbarum protoplasm for 45 days,the organ development of normalm icewasn otaffected.Compared to the untreated mice, the content of serum hemolysin(P<0.01)and the degree of foot thickening(P<0.05)andphagocytosis index(P<0.01) increased significantly, indicatingthat L.bar barum puree could enhance mice immunity.Conclusion:Eating a certain dose of L.bar barum puree can en-hance the antioxidant capacity and immune ability.

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