The change rule of smoked meat quality during vacuum curing (VC)and dry curing(DC) were studied. Two kinds of smoked meat during different processing stages were compared on the water content, salt content, sodium nitrite residue, microbiological indicator, color and volatile compounds. The results showed that: the water content of VC and DC samples decreased 16.5% and 20.5%, respectively. While salt content of that rise to 5.9% and 5.2%, respectively. The L* of VC is 2.1% higher than that of DC. The a* of VC is 12.2% lower than that of DC, the b* is no big difference between them. The total plate count of VC samples is lower than that of DC samples, and the coccus is becoming dominant bacteria. After baked and smoked, the VC's water content, salt content and sodium nitrite residue are higher than those of the DC's, and the L* of VC samples is higher than that of DC. Lower a* and b* make the smoked meat have a better color,like the pleasant rose pink .The quantity of coccus and mold of VC is higher than that of DC, which becoming the dominant bacteria, and the others were no significant differences. The types and relative content of volatile compounds in VC is higher than that of DC. So the VC method can improve the water-retaining property of smoked meat and promote to absorb the curing agent, it also can ameliorate the color and the flavor of the smoked meat.

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