The sesame was dried by infrared ray, and the sesame oil was extracted with solvent. The effect of infrared drying time (constant temperature of 100 ℃) and temperature (constant time of 15 min) on the moisture content, germination rate, the volatile gas composition of sesame seeds and the acid value, peroxide value of sesame oil was investigated. The results showed that, when the infrared drying time is between 10~25 min or drying temperature between 70~130 ℃, the moisture content of the sesame seeds have reached the safety of water. Infrared drying has some damaging effects on germination rate of sesame seeds. With the extension of the drying time or increasing of temperature, the acid value of sesame oil was decreased (4.11~21.35 mg KOH/g), and the peroxide value increased (the maximum is 0.71 mmol/kg). Component of sesame volatile gases contained hydrocarbons, aldehydes, alcohols, esters, acids, etc, and the relative content of them reduced sequentially.

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