The facultative anaerobic bacteria in Luzhou-flavor Daqu were isolated and screened to study the species distribution of this kind of bacteria in the fermentation environment of Daqu. Then, the screened bacteria were further researched for the formation ability of the flavor components and their volatile constituents in order to improve the quality of Daqu. Through separation and purification of microorganism in the samples of Daqu by Candle jar method, 9 facultative anaerobic bacteria were obtained. Among them, the one which was coded as X3 provided with the prominent formation ability of the flavor components and was assigned as Corynebacterium with preliminary identification. Through analyzing the volatile components in the products by solid-state fermentation with HS—SPME—GC—MS, it showed that some volatile substances such as pyrazines, phenethyl alcohol, ethyl phenylacetate and guaiacol were be accord with Luzhou-flavor Daqu.

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