Extracted conditions for citrinin were optimized in sufu. Citrinin was extracted completely by toluene-ethyl acetate-formic acid(7∶3∶1, V/V) at 50 ℃, with 10 min ultrasonic processing. A method for determining citrinin in sufu was established by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with fluorescence detection. Citrinin was separated by mobile phase of water(pH 2.5)- acetonitrile (70∶30) on Hypersil ODS 2 column. The results were showed that there was good linear relationship between the fluorescence detection values and citrinin concentration in the range of 0.01~100.00 μg/mL (R2=0.999 99). The limit of detection was 0.005 mg/kg and the recovery of citrinin were between 90.4% and 107.9% and relative standard deviation(RSD, n=6) value were less than 6%.

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