Objective: To detect the quality of iodized salt in Hunan Province, and provide scientific basis for sustainable elimination of iodinedeficiency disease and prevention decision. Methods: sampling and detecting according to the GB/T 8618—2001 salt sampling method and “Hygienic standard of salt”, during year of 2004~2013, sampling 1 iodized salt product of different varieties each quarter in the salt industry branch of the 14 cities in Hunan. Results: 1 680 samples of edible salt with iodine has been done in ten years of Hunan Province, the average value of the content of iodine in iodized salt is Between 27.31~33.98 mg/kg, the middle number is between 27.58~33.70 mg/kg, which are on the rules of GB 5461—2000 and GB 26878—2011, The ratio of qualified iodine in iodized salt is between 95.55%~100%, showed a steady increasing trend.

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