In order to study the influence of four packaging materials and five modified atmospheres on peanut kernels in the storage. Through accelerated aging in 45 ℃ condition, with acid value and peroxide value as index, the best packaging materials and inflatable way were be selected. The results showed that, the order of packaging material to inhibit oxidation of peanut storage effect size was: five layer coextrusion 10 silk bag > composite 12 silk bag > composite 10 silk bag > nylon composite bag; The order of Inflatable way to inhibit oxidation of peanut storage effect size was:packing with nitrogen in vacuum > packing with mixed gas in vacuum> packing with carbon dioxide in vacuum> vacuum packing > air packing.Through the experiment,the optimum storage effect was using the five layer coextrusion bag filled with nitrogen gas to package peanut kernels.It could effectively restrain peanut fat oxidative rancidity.

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