As the evaluation indexes with the sensory characteristics, weight loss and nutrition, the effects were studied, including fresh-cut lettuces through using controlled storage temperature, choosing different packaging films as well as using modified atmosphere packaging technology. The results showed: if its water loss ratio reaches 3%~5%, and the chlorophyll content is less than 2.2 mg/g, they would lose food value. The best storage temperature is 5~10 ℃. By using the nanomaterials to package fresh-cut lettuces until 14 days under certain conditions, the weight loss was 1.4% and Vc content was 1.38 mg/100 g. By using the MAP technology to package fresh-cut lettuces in the 18th days under certain conditions, chlorophyll content was 2.1 mg/g and Vc content was 1.5 mg/100 g, and was 1.4 times and 3.5 times to control group, respectively.

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