Large scale sports events of food logistics safety is directly related to all persons and events related to the health of the diet, can be held smoothly plays a very important role, A framework for food logistics security system should be constructed for the scientification and effectiveness. This paper first analysis of food logistics safety of large-scale sports events involved in the procurement and distribution of food ingredients two aspects, analysis of the subject involved, including suppliers, suppliers of food ingredients and the organization itself, points out the main problems that may arise, including food quality and safety of individual suppliers, storage temperature control, key equipment and manpower shortage temporary employment personnel and volunteers, health and safety, and emergency accidents caused problems. Therefore, a unified coordination and management should be established including the leadership mechanism, independent of the disinfection and sanitary detection mechanism, and establish and improve the mechanism for staff training, the participants to strengthen publicity and education, to ensure that the key equipment and human accidents and make the appropriate redundancy plans and other measures, in order to ensure that the framework of security system in the large scale sports events of food the logistics of the effective and scientific construction, to ensure the smooth running of the event.

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