Corn protein hydrolysates of high concentration were prepared by optimizing the hydrolyzing conditions of alcalase and flavourzyme respectively. Both of which were applied synergistically to hydrolyze corn gluten to obtain antioxidative corn protein hydrolysates. The results showed that the optimal hydrolysis by Alcalase was obtained at 50 ℃, pH 7.7 and E/S of 2% (V/m) for reaction time of 75 minutes, and under the optimized conditions, DPPH radical scavenging activity and reducing power of the hydrolysate were 74.34% and 0.984 respectively; the optimal hydrolysis by Flavourzyme was reacted at 53 ℃, pH 6.4 and E/S of 5% (m/m) for reaction time of 50 minutes, and under the optimized condition, DPPH radical scavenging activity and reducing power of the hydrolysate were 70.55% and 0.715 respectively. During the process of dual-enzyme hydrolyzing corn gluten, antioxidant activities of corn protein hydrolysate that catalyzed by Alcalase+Flavourzyme were higher than that by Flavourzyme+Alcalase. At 110 min, DPPH radical scavenging value and reducing power of corn protein hydrolysate that catalyzed by Alcalase+Flavourzyme reached the highest in the whole reaction process, which were 91.32% and 1.341 respectively.

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