In order to evaluate the heavy metal contamination and the safe levels of vegetables, Six root vegetables in hinterland of reservoir area were detected by microwave digestion-flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer, the pollution of Pb, Cd, As, Sn, Cu and Cr in vegetables was evaluated by single pollution index and comprehensive pollution index. The result showed that the content of As, Sn and Cr in root vegetables on selling exceeded the standard, and were over the standard 27.08%, 12.50% and 8.33%, respectively. Single pollution index showed that as in carrot, Cr in carrot and radish were in the warning level, still in controlled range. Light pollution of as to radish and lotus, and severe pollution of Cr, Sn to lotus. Comprehensive pollution index showed that potato, sweet potato, carrot and asparagus lettuce were not contaminated, radish was light polluted and lotus was severe polluted by heavy metal.

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