Based on the numerical simulation method on computational fluid dynamics (Computational fluid dynamics, CFD), and using anion exchange resin (717) as internal chromatography media, the fluid distribution and flow resistance characteristics in ion exchange column were studied respectively. For the convenience of simulation, water was selected as feed liquid, at the flow rate of 3 m3/h, appeared laminar flow state in the exchange column. On the assumption that the fluid uniform premise, the flow resistance characteristics for the column ion exchange resin filler was simulated by the two-dimensional porous media model, and the effects of the exchange column of fluid pressure drop on different working conditions and structure. Taking the ion exchange column head distributor as the research object, the fluid distribution of the chromatography column was simulated. According to the simulation results, distributor configuration was improved to achieve a uniform distribution of fluid to some extent, which could offer system supporter for the next system building and simulation, and further provide theoretical foundation and model support for structure optimization and engineering enlargement for the design of new ion exchange column.

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