In order to study on the effects of fungal substance soluble dietary fiber on the intestinal peristalsis and absorption in mice, 75 kunming mice were randomly assigned to 5 groups: blank control group fed with saline, control positive group fed with phenolphthalein solution of 50 mg/kg·BW and three testing groups fed with low (2.5 g/kg·BW), middle (5 g/kg·BW) and high (15 kg/kg·BW) dosages of soluble dietary fiber in fungal substances. The results indicated that fungal substance soluble dietary fiber had some effects in inhibiting mice weight gain (P<0.05) and there is a positive correlation between the dosages of soluble dietary fiber and the inhibition of weight gains, middle doses of soluble dietary fiber had a significant effect on intestinal peristalsis in mice (P<0.05), soluble dietary fiber enhanced intestinal peristalsis with great significance (P<0.01) of high dosage and remarkable significance (P<0.05) of middle dosage. The intestinal peristalsis is positively correlated with the dosage of the fungal substance soluble dietary fiber.The effect on intestinal peristalsis between high and low dosages of soluble dietary fiber is significantly different (P<0.05).

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