It proposed a program of continuous peeling for shrimp, and determined that the roller's nip angle was the major impact factor for shrimp peeling effecienby. The equipment was designed for continuous shrimp peeling, and tests were carried out to optimize structural parameters. Tests showed that with the decreases of the thickness of shrimp, the loss of shrimp gradually increased, while the sensory score represented by success rate and the difficulty of peeling increased, thus determining the classification level of peel shrimp 82~100 kg-1, fully guarantee the success rate of peeling; with the increase of the rotational speed, the shrimp's loss and sensory scores are firstly increased and then decreased, and therefore determine the rotational speed of the roller group 45 r/min; with the increasing of rotation angle, the shrimp's loss increases, the too small rotation angle leads to severe adhesion of shrimp and shrimp skins and failure of peeling, thus determining the angle of rotation of rollers 270 °/234 °, making the loss of shrimp lowest under the premise of successful peeling of shrim.The continuous peeling device for shrimp will improve the efficiency of shrimp peeling and provide theoretical basis and foundation for subsequent development of the prototype.

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