Changes of qualities related to non-enzymatic browning in Chinese jujube concentrate at different storage temperatures (4 ℃, 26 ℃and 37 ℃) for 7 months were evaluated. Changes of reducing sugar, vitamin C, 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) were fitted with zero-order, first-order models respectively. The results showed that the fit of the zero-order model was superior to the first-order model to explain the kinetic changes of reducing sugar, and the fit of the first-order model was superior to the zero-order model to explain the kinetic changes of Vc. At 4 ℃, 26 ℃ or 37 ℃, a correlation between HMF formation and A420 was observed, and color conditions (A420, L*, Chroma) could be expressed by first-order equations as functions of HMF. Higher storage temperature (26 ℃and 37 ℃) had significant effects (P<0.05) on changes of color conditions (A420, L*, Chroma), reducing sugar, vitamins C in Chinese jujube concentrate, significantly higher than 4 ℃ storage, could be protect well during lower temperature storage.

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