The effects of 60Co-γ irradiation on sterilization and main physical and chemical qualities of bee pollen of camellia were studied. The results showed that irradiation had obvious sterilizing effects on bee pollen of camellia, for example, the sterilizing rate reached more than 99% at the irradiation dose of 6 kGy, at 10 kGy, all the microorganism indicators of irradiation treated bee pollen of camellia met the standards which published in national code of good irradiation practice for the control of microorganism in pollen. The staphylococcus aureus and salmonella were not been found in the normal and irradiation treated samples. Moreover, Under the irradiation dose in the range of 0~10 kGy had no effects on the content of total sugar, protein, lipids, amino acids, moisture, ash and acidity in the bee pollen of camellia, while the content of vitamin C decreased significantly after the irradiation treating. The residue of pesticide, such as HCH and DDT, had not been found in the normal and irradiation treated samples. Irradiation under 10 kGy wouldn’t affect the color, state, odour and flavour significantly of the bee pollen of camellia. It was concluded that the optimal irradiation processing dose for bee pollen of camellia was in the range of 4~10 kGy.

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