Lotus seed has always been regarded as precious food stuff for its rich nutrition health care ingredients and high medicinal value, but like other grains, aging deterioration also occurred during storage.Using HPLC—RI to analysis the 5 kinds of soluble sugar (sucrose, fructose, maltose, glucose and raffinose) in lotus seeds with different storage years. The results showed that the sucrose content of fresh lotus seeds was the lowest, only 0.573 g/L, but the maltose content was 0.172 g/L, the highest in fresh lotus seeds. Maltose content declined significantly after storage one year, the decrease degree is more than 87%. The value of maltose: sucrose is 0.301 in fresh lotus seed, but reduced to 0.023 and 0.018 after storage for one and five years, respectively. With the extension of storage time, the fructose content in lotus seeds increased, and glucose content did not change significantly. The total soluble sugar content increased significantly. Raffinose was not detected in lotus seed. Storage resulted the sugar content changes in lotus soluble, thus affecting its internal structure changes. The value of maltose: sucrose and the content of total soluble sugar in lotus seeds can be used as indicator of the aging degree.

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