Food safety and people's life and health are closely related, its importance is self-evident. The problem of food safety in food logistics mainly in several cases includes food spoilage, chemical pollution and breakage of packing and food expiring. The reasons for these food safety problems are many and varied, not only the logistics industry itself is inefficient, too many intermediate links, technology and self-discipline ability, lack of infrastructure investment, but also the unperfect legal system, the supervision in relevant departments. Therefore, the corresponding countermeasures should be found from two aspects in national and food logistics operator. National level can improve laws and regulations, establish industry admittance and detection system, as well as investment, encourage food logistics industry to guide the scale of operation, strengthening the relevant publicity and other measures; the operator level, need to strengthen on the food supply chain management and monitoring, strengthening and food safety related technology, safety facilities investment and increasing R & D investment and other measures to ensure and improve food security food logistics in the objective.

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