In order to improve the design and manufacture of walnut processing machinery, mechanical properties for compression of whole solid, hollow walnut were analyzed to learn shell breaking process in different loading direction, and reduce mechanical damage of walnut seed in breaking shell process. Hollow walnut which H2O contents (4%, 6%, 8% and 10%) were compression tested by microcomputer controlled mechanical through different loading rate (100, 200, 300 and 400 mm/min). Meanwhile, the force-deformation curves were analyzed and the rupture force, rupture energy, rupture power, and elastic modulus were performed to the basic characteristic quantity in significance. The results showed that: the fracture of walnut shell was ductile-brittle fracture, fracture mechanics parameters of hollow walnut shell in which a linear range relationship hold between compression force and deformation could better reflect compression characteristic changes. Fracture mechanics parameters of hollow walnut shell show some of regularity following the contents of H2O and loading rate. The contents of H2O and loading rate has obvious effects on rupture force, rupture energy, elastic modulus of hollow walnut shell. In linear range, rupture power of hollow walnut shell has the tendency of increase, but not significant.

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