Optimizeed the optimal conditions of Folin-Ciocalteucolorimetry, which was used to determine the total polyphenols content in sea buckthorn wine, and the sea buckthorn wine were investigated by orthogonal experiments combined with single factor experiments by using gallic acid as the standard. The results indicated that the total phenol contents of sea buckthorn wine could be well calculated according to their colorimetric absorption at 735 nm by applying Folin-Ciocalteu reagent 1.0 mL and 5 mL distilled water, 7.5%Na2CO3 3 mL, at 30 ℃ for colorimetric reaction, and there was a good linearity between content of phenol and absorbance in the range of 0~20 μg/mL. With this method, the stability, precision and average recovey rate were 1.46%, 0.22% and 2.63% by RSD (relative standard deviation), respectively. And the average recovery rate was 100.64%.This method is convenient and fast to determine the total polyphenols of sea buckthorn wine with the advantages of high precision, stability and good repetition.

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