The rice starch (RS), yellow starch (YS) and white starch (WS), which protein content were 2.36%, 4.23%, 0.38% respectively, were obtained after indica rice flour (protein content was 7.85%) treated by alkaline, and their pasting and structure properties were then studied. Results of RVA indicated that the peak viscosity, hot pasting viscosity and final viscosity of rice flour had significantly lower than rice starch, yellow starch and white starch (P<0.01), which agree with the result of the pasting temperature tested by DSC; RVA analysis also found that the viscosity between rice starch and yellow starch had no significant effect(P>0.05), while DSC result believed that the pasting temperature were approached between yellow starch and white starch. The structure analysis of the samples showed that transparency decreased with indica rice treated by alkali; the WS of average chain length was longest, while rice flour shortest; and as well the polymerization degree. To protein subunit, there were 60 ku, 33 ku, 22 ku and 13 ku mainly in rice flour and RS; 60 ku, 22 ku and 13 ku maily in YS, 60 ku, with 33 ku in WS. The results of microstructure showed that the interaction of protein or protein with fiber was different. This study demonstrated that, beside starch, the pasting property of indica rice flour was also affected by the content and composite of protein, and interaction of protein with fiber.

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