The growth/no growth interface model of Bacillus cereus (ATCC49064 and DSMZ 4312) on soft-baked mussels was established based on storage temperature (T), water activity (Aw) and pH, and its fitting and the validation behavior of Bacillus cereus (YB001) from soft-baked mussels were analyzed and evaluated. And this model was compared with the established growth/no growth interface model of Bacillus cereus in Brian Heart Infusion (BHI) media. The total equation of this model is Lopit(P)=-208.457-2.167·T+35.304·pH+705.573·Bw+1.117·T·pH-7.072·T·Bw-174.946·pH·Bw. It showed a reasonable goodness of fit of this model due to R2-Nagelkerke=0.979 and χ2=0.019(df=8, P=1), and the predicted concordance rate of this model was significantly higher than that of the established model in BHI medium, which indicated that this model had a high accuracy and good applicability in predicting the growth probability of Bacillus cereus on soft-baked mussels. Besides, T, Aw, pH and their interaction had significant effects on the growth probability of Bacillus cereus (P<0.05).Therefore, this model can be used to quantify T, Aw, pH and combine with their interaction to ensure the top quality and safety of soft-baked mussels.

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