The extraction conditions were studied for essential oil from citrus peel using press-shear assisted interaction technology (PAI). Taking the citrus peel as main raw materials, potassium chloride as adjuvant, petroleum ether as the organic solvent, the optimum extraction parameters of essential oil from citrus peel were investigated using the ratio of material to solvent, grinding time, milling ball number and the dosage of potassium chloride in one-factor experiment and orthogonal design. The results showed that the highest extraction efficiency of essential oil was up to 1.73% when the dosage of potassium chloride was 3% (m/m), milling ball number was 10, the ratio of material to solvent was 1∶40 (m/V) and grinding time was 40 min. Under the optimum conditions, the extraction yield of essential oil was higher than traditional heat reflux extraction method of 29.10%, and the extraction duration was shortened. The present results suggest that PAI exerts a new idea and solution to the extraction of essential oil from citrus peel.

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