Infrared spectroscopy, ion chromatography and HPLC were used to analyze the changes of pectin components and their contents during pepper peeling by solid-state fermentation. The results showed that the water-soluble pectin and acid-soluble pectin were high degree of esterification pectin, while the chelating pectin was low degree of esterification pectin. The content of water-soluble pectin increased in the first 36 h and then decreased during fermentation, while the content of acid-soluble pectin and chelating pectin increased after ripening with ethephon and then decreased during the whole fermentation process. Galacturonic acid in the pectin backbone was degraded rapidly in 24~48 h. Arabinose in the branch chain was degraded rapidly in 12~24 h, while galactose in the branch chain was degraded rapidly in 12~24 h. Galactose and arabinose were almost completely degraded in 48~60 h. This suggests that the pepper peeling is mainly.

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