In order to investigate the quality changes and their correlation of yak meat under heat treatment. Color, shear force, cooking loss, heat shrinkage, sensory quality of yak meat ongissimus dorsi were measured after they were subjected to heat treatment at 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 ℃, respectively. The results showed that with the increase of temperature, cooking loss, heat shrinkage, shear force of yak meat significantly increased (P<0.05); L* value and a* value of yak meat significantly decrease (P<0.05); the sensory quality of yak meat was better when it was heated to 80 ℃. Correlation analysis indicated that there were significant correlation among L* value, a* value, high shrinkage, shear force, cooking loss(P<0.05). In summary, the yak meat quality was decreased after heat treatment, but the sensory quality could be improved by suitable heat treatment.

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