With fresh strawberry as raw material, the osmotic dehydration conditions, and the technological process and the formula for strawberry jam were studied. Each strawberry fruit was cut longitudinally into 4 equal parts, and impregnated in fructose syrup of 70 °Brix at 40 ℃ and atmospheric pressure for 2 h, which could make the water loss by 42% (based on original water content in fresh fruit). The osmotic dehydrated fruits were mashed into jam with 25 g/kg of konjac powder, 0.15 g/kg of sodium cyclamate and 0.03 g/kg of monascus pigment. The strawberry jam with high konjac glucomannan and low sugar was processed without thermal concentration. The final product contained 3.85% of dietary fiber and 20.41% of sugar, which was better than traditional jam.

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