To study the effect of pressure associated medium temperature treatment on PA/PE materials packed with four kinds of food simulation, the food simulation were distilled water, olive oil, 3%(volume fraction) acetic acid and 15% (volume fraction)ethanol. The treatment pressure were 200 MPa, 400 MPa and 300 MPa, the initial temperature was 10 ℃, 30 ℃ and 50 ℃ respectively, and the holding time was 15min. Changes of material structure were observed by scanning electron microscope, the mechanical and barrier properties of PA/PE were obtained by tests, reasons of the properties changes were further verified by DSC analysis. The high pressure treatment can guarantee the structural integrity of PA/PE materials at 30 ℃, however the surface of the materials appeared blister and white stripes seriously at 10 ℃. The most serious damage occurred at the materials packed with distilled water, and the materials packed with olive oil were almost no structural damage. The mechanical and barrier properties of the materials were decreased obviously at 50 ℃(P<0.05), but the effect were not obviously at 30 ℃(P>0.05), and the barrier properties of PA/PE packed with olive oil were enhanced, in which the crystallinity was found increasing by DSC analysis. On the basis of ensuring better sterilization effect, the PA/PE packaging materials had no structure and performance damage at the sterilization condition of 30 ℃/400 MPa/15 min.

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