Design a type of hot pressing extraction equipment with composite rotary agitation and auto-discharging, which consists of three parts: tank, composite rotary agitation device and feeding device. The equipment is a horizontal stirring extraction, to avoid the problem that the extract is mixed with the solid material irregularity in conventional extraction method, and greatly increase the heating rate and extraction efficiency. Propelled scraper agitator and mixing paddle type impeller installed spaced equidistant, and the motor can forward and reverse, which make the extraction process and the process of tapping automatic. The use of two dimensional heating via jacket and stirring shaft, shorten the heating time and save energy. Hot-pressing extraction with chicken bone as raw material, and the results show that the extraction rate of bone collagen is more than 80% with almost 20% steam saving, and the heating time is from 1.5 h to 40 min. The equipment solves the problem such as conventional extraction tank extraction incompletely, extracting oil uneasy, poor universality, high demands on plant and ancillary equipment and so forth. The equipment is a high degree of automation, safe, efficient, energy-saving hot extraction equipment.

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