In order to obtain the efficient secretion of intracellular product in yeast, as the original strain,Saccharomyces cerevisiae (2n), (n) were mutagenized with UV treatment, five mutants strain may have temperature-sensitive were selected. To further identify, Y1 was used as the control bacterium, and its content of extracellular nucleic acids, proteins and FDP were determined, find that the highest degree of autolysis was Ts4(2n), it’s content of nucleic acid and protein in extracellular environment were 1.709, 1.483, the concentration of FDP in extracellular environment was 38μg/mL, higher than Y1 24.1%. Ts*2 (n) and Ts*3 (n) also have a certain extent of temperature-sensitive. Therefore, 3 temperature-sensitive mutants were obtained in this study, which are Ts4 (2n), Ts*2(n) and Ts*3 (n).

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