Objective: To evaluate the storability of yellow peach with different sugar content. Methods: The respiration intensity, ethylene release rate, soluble solid content and texture of the fruit stored at 0, 14, 21, 28, 35, (35+3) d were measured. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technique and proton magnetic resonance imaging (1H-MRI) were used to determine the content of free water (A2) and relaxation time (T2) to observe the changes of fruit stored at (2±0.5) ℃. Results: During storage and shelf, the decrease rate of firmness of pulp, flesh compactedness and chewiness was faster in low-sugar group, especially at the later stage of storage (14~35 d) and shelf-life, the water loss was larger, and the storage tolerance was poor; Fruit texture and storability of high and medium sugar groups were maintained well, and the water content of high and medium sugar groups was higher than that of low sugar group at the early stage of storage (0~21 d), but decreased slightly at the late stage of storage. Conclusion: 'Jinxiu' yellow peach with high sugar content can keep high free water content and quality during storage, and has good storability. 0~14 days is the high quality fresh preservation period, 21 days is safety preservation period, 28~35 days is the quality deterioration period, and the shelf life can reach 3 days.

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