Objective: This study aimed to investigate the phenolic compounds profile and antioxidant activities of different fractions of Tartary buckwheat. Methods: Tartary buckwheat was ground and sieved into shell, bran and powder. Phenolic compounds in tartary buckwheat were extracted with 70% ethanol, and phenolic compounds composition and antioxidant activity of the extract were analyzed. Results: In Tartary buckwheat bran, the total phenolics and flavonoids were (3 042±31) mg GAE/100 g·DW and (5 290±233) mg RE/100 g·DW, accounting for 60.8%, 67.7% of the total Tartary buckwheat, respectively. Rutin was the dominant phenolic compounds in bran extract, and the content was (5 152±61) mg/100 g·DW. The extracts of Tartary buckwheat hull, bran and powder all showed antioxidant activities, among which the bran extracts presented the highest antioxidant activities. The ORAC, FRAP, DPPH and ABTS values were (1 503.3±249.5) μmol/g·DW, (8 477.5±441.1) mg TE/100 g·DW, (5 642.4±241.3) mg TE/100 g·DW and (16 764±742) mg TE/100 g·DW, respectively. Conclusion: Bran is the major fraction enriching phenolic compounds which showed elevated antioxidant activities.

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